Cyndi Campone Owner/Operator


I worked in the airline business for 11+ years (flight attendant the last 8yrs) and learned that you can offer a quality product at reasonable prices while maintaining exceptional customer service.

I started this business for 2 reasons
1) I feel like a bride should feel like a princess the day that she is picking out the most important and anticipated dress of her life.
2) I have 2 small children that I want to be with more, and hopefully either, or both, of them will want to run this wonderful business with me when they are older.

Shopping for my own dress and even just bridesmaids gowns, I was treated no differently than when purchasing a pair of jeans, and found it unacceptable. Having to drive into the city was another issue between time, the traffic, and parking…… It’s just not the experience I found to be an enjoyable one. I hope that my brides get that “true bridal” experience at my boutique at one of my private appointments. I offer the option of a Champagne Appointment or a Tea Party Appointment for the bride and her party and/or family to enjoy while receiving that one on one attention.

Cochrane still has that relaxed and small town feeling that is comforting, yet, it is growing quickly and has all the big city amenities. We are a just a short 15 minutes west of Calgary.